Day 0: Pick-up

The first day, we were picked up at the border of Rwanda and Uganda and drove just outside of Queen Elizabeth National Park to stay the night.

Day 1: Double Game Drive

Together with our guides, Jeff and his younger brother Andrew we drove into the park on the early morning around 7 o’clock. Almost immediately we got confronted with different species of wildlife.

During the first two game drives (term for safari ride in the park) we saw Ugandan kobs, baboons, buffalos and elephants while the highlight of the day was an intense hippo fight.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Some species are harder to spot than others. This made us hungry for the next day where the main goal was to wake up early in an attempt to spot some cats!

Day 2: Lions and a boat trip

After a short night, we ate breakfast in the Bush Lodge where we were staying during our time in the park. (they serve amazing food over there.)

We hardly couldn’t temper our excitement. Almost right away the usually calm Ugandan kobs were sending out warning signals to each other. This could only mean a predator was around.

After a few minutes we got confronted by the king of the jungle, a male lion, – and he was not alone. From extremely close range, some would even experience it too close, we noticed the whole pride which included two males and four females. Mission accomplished!

We recovered from the intense morning session by taking a nap and started the afternoon session with a boat trip.

Although the price isn’t too cheap it’s extremely worth it. It became an incredible boat ride where we got a close look on a variety of animals such as (baby) elephants, crocodiles, baboons,(baby) hippos, wild pigs, buffalos and lots of crazy birds.

Queen Elizabeth boat trip Uganda

This whole experience was topped off with an intense sunset where we got a surprise visit from a single elephant to orchestrate the perfect sunset picture.

Queen Elizabeth boat trip Uganda

What an experience those two days were.

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