SIM card


The 4G network in Rwanda is great, so I recommend to buy a SIM card/ In Rwanda the easiest way to buy a SIM card is in the ‘UTC shopping centre’. You need your ID passport in order to get it!


How to exchange dollars/euros to ugandan shilling?

We will help you exchange your dollars, euros to shilling at the best rating possible in the nearest city , no charges. 

The cheapest exchange rates are in Kampala (also on Sunday). But it is also possible to exchange in other major cities.

How do you go from the airport to the centre and back?

For both Entebbe and Kigali there are 3 options to go to the centre of town:

  • Taxi (Entebbe around 10 USD, Kigali around 15 USD)
  • Mototaxi (2 USD), not possible with big luggage. You can find the mototaxis the outside of the airport.
  • By us, if you incorporate your arrival/departure date in the booking period of your car, package or trip.

Tours and packages

Payments and deposits for tours and packages

When booking a pre-made package or accepting a tailor-made itinerary, we ask for a deposit of 30% of the total amount + the costs for gorilla or chimp tracking. This has to be paid ASAP.

One month before departure, we ask the residual 70% of the total amount.

Car Rental

What to do in case you want to cancel?

It is possible to cancel at least 2 days before your trip. If so, please let us know by mail at

How are the kilometers charged ?

There are none, you can drive as far and as long as you want. But the fuel is not included in the booking price.

How much is border crossing fee ?

If you plan to travel beyond borders and journey into Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania on self drive, you will have to pay an extra US$ 30 for small cars and US$ 50 for mid-sized vans to pass the border. You can also purchase a VISA on the border.

What is included/not included in the price

  • Car
  • Driver/guide.
  • Insurance
  • The driver’s meals and accommodation
Not included
  • Fuel
  • Tip

What type of insurance is included?

A car insurance is included. So any damage of the car, or any issues/damages because of a car accident or car trouble will be reimbursed.

Do I need to pay a deposit ?

No deposit fee is required

How and when do you pay de deposit and head-amount?

We accept most credit, and debit cards for the booking (10% op the total price). The rest of the payment has to be in cash (dollars, euros or ugandan shilling) to the driver.

We will help you exchange your dollars, euros to shilling at the best rating possible, no extra charges.