Hey there, adventurous spirit! 👋 Ready to craft your dream journey to the heart of Africa? Our ‘Create Your Trip’ tool for Rwanda and Uganda is here to make your travel planning as breezy as an African savannah. Let’s dive into the simple steps to design your personalized adventure:

Step 1: Set Your Dates and Details

Kick things off by filling in the basics:

  • Travel Period: When are you planning to explore? Mark those dates!
  • Arrival & Departure: Where will your journey begin and end?
  • Number of Travelers: Who’s joining you on this epic adventure?

Step 2: Choose Your Adventure

  • Select an Activity: What’s calling your name? Kigali, Congo Nile Trail, Akagera National Park? Click for more info on each thrilling option.

Step 3: Add the Activity to Your Trip

  • Love It? Add It: Found something that makes your heart race? Add it to your trip with a simple click.

Step 4: Customize Your Days

  • Transport Type: Some activities like the Congo Nile Trail require you to select how you will to the transportation. By hiking, biking, electric bike?
  • Duration & Day Activities: Decide how many days you want to spend on each activity. Then, sprinkle in some day activities to fill those days with excitement.

Step 5: Pick Your Accommodation

  • Stay in Style: Choose where you’ll recharge after a day of adventure. Cozy lodges? Luxe tents? Add them to your itinerary.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

  • More Activities? If you’re up for more, keep adding activities.
  • Trip Finalized? Happy with your plan? Check out your complete itinerary.

Step 6: Your Trip Overview

  • Your Dream Trip, Visualized: Get a neat overview of your entire trip.
  • Create a PDF: Want a tangible copy? Generate a PDF in a snap.
  • Save to Personal Trips: Keep your plan safe in your personal trip collection for easy access. And edit whenever you feel like it!
  • Email with TripID: Want more info or ready to book? Send an email with your TripID, and we’ll take it from there.

And Voilà! 🎉

Just like that, you’ve created a tailor-made journey through the stunning landscapes of Rwanda and Uganda. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned traveler, each trip you design here promises a unique adventure, woven by you.

Got questions or need a hand? We’re just an email away. Happy trip crafting! 🌍✈️🐘

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