Camping in Rwanda and Uganda

If you love nature and you are looking for the camping holiday in the centre of Africa, Rwanda and Uganda are the places to go. Camping is the best way for visitors to get in touch with actual African wilderness and thus offering the most enjoyable and outdoor recreational experiences to travelers on vacation in Africa. If you are a budget traveler and you are planning to spend your vacation in Rwanda or Uganda, camping experiences shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. With camping, travelers will have a chance to catch a glimpse at the middle Africas most spectacular landscapes, valleys, rainforests and the rolling hills and many more. 

Akagera National park camping

Akagera National park camping


  • Mutamba campsite

Mutamba campsite is situated in Akagera National Park a famous protected area with dense savanna wildlife species. This campsite is well maintained from any danger of wild animals and to visitors who are on camping adventures have opportunity to spot out most of the African elephants, elands, buffaloes, varied antelope families including the rare roan antelopes and many others as they roam around.

  • Muyumba campsite

Muyumba campsite stands on a ridge over viewing the stunning Lake Ihema and Shakani and travelers to the campsite have a chance to overview Tanzania. The campsite is situated at Akagera National Park’s entrance.


  • ViaVia Entebbe

When traveling to Uganda, the city of Entebbe is most probably your gate to this wonderful country. Right at the heart of the city, ViaVia is unmistakably the coziest option to start your long-awaited trip. They also offer a wide collection of tissues for tears of goodbye when heading back home. Add there top-notch hammocks, dazzling garden and delicious healthy food to the mix, and you have a truly heartwarming experience that’s very hard to beat. Camping is possible in their spacious green garden under a mango or jackfruit tree to set up your tent or to park your overland car! Prices from starting from 10 USD. And They have a pool!!

ViaVia Entebbe Uganda

  • Nile River Camp

The nile river camp is located in Jinja, and has 10 private safari style tents with river views in single, twin or double configuration, 8 spacious dorms, each with 3 double bunks (48 beds in total) and come with bedding and verandah area overlooking our swimming pool, which is the only campsite in the area which offers a swimming pool!! There is a massive camping area for those who wish to pitch a tent and have their own space starting from 7 USD. Clean toilets, hot showers and laundry facilities are also available. A large open plan bar area, fully stocked with cold beers and an amazing view of the river, Nile River Camp caters for the budget sensitive spectrum of the market that values a peaceful, clean, comfortable and tidy place to stay. Come and see for yourself!

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